Description of Files in Traffic Page

Code Sharing These first two files review the Code Sharing operations between the Majors and Regionals for the 1st quarter of 2019. The 1st is the data source file and contains a large data base which allows a Market City Pair download allowing the finding of the largest markets and the Major_Rgnl Code partnerships serving the market. The second provides examples and selected Market Data summaries which highlight the largest markets and the largest Major_Regional Revenue and Traffic operations.

The next 2 files contain the Traffic and Operating data for August 2018 for both the US and International Carriers – it is T100 data. The next file is a simple US Carrier file containing the latest Domestic data. The final file is the latest Domestic O&D file for the 3rd Qtr of 2018. These files are intended to allow complete download and availability for assembling Charts and Graphs. Some example are included.

Mideast Brief This is an Excel file showing all the service between the U.S. and the middle east Cities/Countries served by Qatar Airlines, Emirates, Ethiad Airways and Ethiopian Airlines for the Cities of Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Addis Ababa for the 3rd Qtr of 2018.

US_CanMex_Carib_SoAm-Geo1 This is an Excel file showing the Carriers- US and Intnl Carrier’s Traffic and Operations in the United States and in Canada and Mexico -the Carib-CentralAmerica and South America. For example iIn these files you can download Republic’s or SkyWest’s entire operation for the month of August.

US_Atlantic_Euro_NearEast-Geo2 An Excel file that starts out over Bermuda and onto the Euro continent and into the Near East and ends in Nairobi.

US_Pacific_Islands-FarEast-Geo3 An Excel file out across the Pacific, (but first showing an Alaska segment between the US and Russia) but weehose major focus is the first the U.S. territories and then onto China and on down to Singapore.

U.S. Majors & Rgnls DomTfc – Jan 2018     This is an Excel file containing the Domestic Traffic data for January 2018 for the Majors and Regionals. It is the latest file available to view competitive route service or to produce city traffic detail or sums.

Qtr3 2018 Major and Regional O&D Sums   –This is an Excel file containing the Domestic O&D traffic for the 3rd Qtr of 2018. It contains sums for the “Carrier” Traffic and Revenue as well as the City Pair data.